Conference on Ulam's Type Stability
October 8-13, 2018
Timișoara, Romania


The conference is devoted to various investigations connected with the notion of  stability, motivated by the well-known problem of S. Ulam, on the approximate homeomorphisms of metric groups, and related issues. The participants are invited to give talks on:

  • stability of difference, differential, functional, and integral equations,
  • stability of inequalities and other mathematical objects,
  • hyperstability and superstability,
  • various (direct, fixed point, invariant mean, etc.) methods for proving Ulam’s type stability results,
  • generalized (in the sense of Aoki and Rassias, Bourgin and Găvruţa) stability,
  • stability on restricted domains and in various (metric, Banach, non-Archimedean, fuzzy, quasi-Banach, etc.) spaces,
  • relations between Ulam’s type stability and fixed point results,
  • related topics.

Moreover, some special invited plenary lectures will be given.

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